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What are the options?

Big self storage companies tend to be expensive with hidden extra costs often masked by "special introductory offers" and you may be required to pay for a space bigger than you actually need. You will more than likely be tied in to a minimum period. They can also insist on charging you for insurance which you may not feel is an overhead you want to take on for low value items.

Removal companies offer better value for money but access is usually impossible as your items are packed into a wooden crate and stacked in a large warehouse until the end of the contract.

Shipping containers are not always suitable for storage of certain items. Also the "Industrial" environment can be intimidating for domestic clients.

Eazystore is a family run business offering a totally different concept; a "no frills" storage facility which is low in cost, flexible and you only pay for the space you occupy by the square foot for the time that you occupy it, literally per day! You can access your possessions at any time as long as you just let us know in advance. You can arrange your own insurance if you desire. You can add or remove any of your possessions at any time. We can be available to offer personal service at your convenience out of office hours if required. The premises are clean, dry, fully alarmed plus there is a 24 hour live comprehensive CCTV system in place so your goods are in safe hands.

We can offer clean, secure space within our warehouse, independent storage containers in our yard for 24/7 access, climate controlled cupboards suitable for archiving of documents and yard space for vehicles or building materials. We welcome business customers that may need space for stock and/or equipment.

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