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  • What type of storage do you offer?

We have clean secure storage within our warehouse building, separate climate controlled cupboards for boxes of archived documents, external shipping containers for 24/7 access plus a secure yard.


  • How much does it cost?

For the warehouse space its very simple; 30p per square feet per week. (subject to a minimum of £7.50 per week) Thats It! You only pay for the floor space you occupy (rounded up to the nearest foot widthways and lengthways) for the time you use it. See our ready reckoner if you want an instant quote.


The document archive storage is priced per box @ £1 per month. The external storage containers which are suitable for  24/7 access are £160 per month. The yard space is negotiable depending on the nature of items to be stored but as a guideline, we would charge £10 per week for a medium sized car.


  • When do I pay?

The first payment is payable on delivery of your items and we ask you pay monthly in advance thereafter.


  • What If I remove the goods halfway through the month?

If you've paid for the month and remove your goods early, we will refund the difference to you pro-rata


  • What if I want to add some additional items to be stored?

If your space is full we can offer additional space but can't guarantee that both plots will be adjacent to each other. We will however still only charge our flat rate of 30p per ft2 per week for the total storage area occupied.


  • Can I access the goods during storage?

Yes unlike some other storage facilities you can come and sort through or check on your Items any time.  Just give us a call/email beforehand to check that a member of staff will be available to allow you access. We cant guarantee to be available unless you contact us at least 24 hours beforehand but we will always do our best to accommodate your requirements.


  • Are the goods insured? 

We don't included insurance cover In our storage costs. However you are free to arrange your own insurance independently if you wish.


  • Can I store Anything?      

There are some exceptions in the interests of safety and security. Please refer to our terms conditions for further details.


  • I am charged by the floor space I occupy, but how high can I stack the Items?

Generally we limit the height to 2.5m/8ft and a maximum of 3 items high for safety reasons, unless there Is a single item such as a large wardrobe that is taller.


  • Will there be someone to assist with unloading and moving items?

Unfortunately we don't offer this service but we can however supply trollies and other equipment to assist you with moving heavy Items.


  • Are there any restrictions on who enters your premises whilst unloading or accessing our items?

In the interests of security and safety any person entering our premises will be  accompanied by Eazystore personnel at all times. Also we do not permit children under 16 years to enter the warehouse.

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